Selling your boat? Well, you must meet Aaron Delzell.  My husband and I were very frustrated trying to decide what to do about selling our houseboat.  All of the yacht sales agents we spoke to simply told us our boat would with be a very hard sale and they really weren't interested in listing it. Then suddenly out of the blue,  Aaron called me.  Now, here's a guy that's not only persevering and tenacous but also a consumate professional with a relaxed, sincere and truthfull demeanor.  He will go that extra mile to find the right market that best suits the sale of your boat.  It's a definite thumbs up for Aaron!!-- 

Thank you,


Janet and Robert
Brian and his team are at the top of the marine brokerage industry. Hands down the most patient, comprehensive, and honest dealings we have ever experienced in our relatively significant boating experiences. Every step has been a pleasure, and, the follow-through after the sale has been nothing short of comforting. Brian and Infinity Yachts are HIGHLY recommended. They set the standard for other brokers to follow! (we Love our tug, we Love our tug !) - Steve & Deb
Steve and Deb
We are in the process of buying yet another boat. So far, meeting Brian has been a blessing ! He is nice, friendly, and competent. A real pleasure to find in the sea of questionable yacht brokers ... :)
Stephen & Deborah Nash - Shadowhawk Aviation, Inc.

We had the privilege of buying our boat from Ronald Rogers.  We lived in Idaho and had to do almost everything long distance.  Ron was very prompt and professional while he walked us through the whole process.  Beyond that, he spent a day on the boat checking out things an fixing things that needed to be done so we could be ready to live on the boat the day we arrived to take possession.  We can't say enough good about Ron as a person.  He did everything he could to make us feel great about our new boat and our new adventure.  Ron will work hard to find you your new boat.   Two happy boaters

Steve and Sandy
Patsy and Abdul Mohammed

Who should sell your Yacht or Boat? Look no further than "INFINITY YACHT SALES!"

They are located at 1450 Harbor Island dr. suite 208.  We would HIGHLY recommend
them and their Salesman Aaron Delzell for the job!
We have been boat owners in the Bay are for over 40 years. We were going to try and 
sell it ourselves, but after speaking with Aaron we decided it would be to our advantage 
to let him do all the work. He helped us to find a fair price for us and the buyer. The nice
thing about it was he did ALL the paperwork, etc. and made it extremely easy for us. The 
best [art was he did it in record time!
We were very happy with all the transactions and again, we would highly recommend
Aaron and Infinity Yacht Sales to you!
Abdul & Patsy Mohamed            
Patsy and Abdul Mohammed
Brian is the hardest-working yacht broker I've ever worked with, a quality that can be hard to find nowadays. He and Infinity Yachts make both buying and selling a painless, swift process.
Jack Lanning
Jason and Dawn
The day we met Brian we knew we were in good hands. He was very patient through out the process from beginning to end . Thank you for all your hard work and friendship.
Jason and Dawn

Brian and the team done a wonderful job assisting me throughout in the process of purchasing a boat and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell. I was so impressed by the team's professional approach, their support and honest way of working that I am now also in the process of selling via Infinity Yacht Sales. Thank you and keep up the wonderful work.


Austin Farewell

Brian and his team helped me close my SeaRay. He's an expert in all regards and not pushy. He caters to what you want and seals the deal. I look forward to working with infinity yachts sales for years to come. Thank God we have an honest and amazing yacht broker in San Diego.

Saygin Esener
SO freakin' great!! We are SO glad we found Brian!! He was instrumental in the purchase of our boat in San Diego!! I only asked 3.5M questions throughout the process and he was TERRIFIC!!! So dang knowledgeable!! He is our BOAT GUY!! He continues to help us figure everything out long after we closed the sale!! I can't say enough about him and his professionalism!!
Sheila Colwell