Member Of

  • CYBA - California Yacht Brokers Association

Brian Donnelly - Owner/Broker

San Diego, CA, US

Brian Donnelly is the founder and Broker-in-Charge at infinity Yacht Sales. He is passionate about customer service and treating his customers as if they were family. His passion for customer service is only rivaled by his passion for all things marine related. Growing up on the North Shore of Long Island he was always drawn to the sea and boats. That long standing repect for both the power and the beauty of the ocean has kept him searching for more knowledge and understanding of his most beloved environment and the vessels that traverse it.  As member of the CYBA and the founder of 3 successful businesses he has the marketing experience and know how to get your yacht sold fast and at an attractive price. As an expert negotiator and a student of the yachting industry he will help guide you through the yacht purchase process, helping you avoid common pitfalls and negotiating the best price possible for your new home on the sea.